No Option: The Hidden Crisis and Hope for AMR, “presented by the AMR Declaration Trust, is a compelling anthology of real-life stories illuminating the global crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). While the narratives in “No Option” are penned by committed Indian doctors, they mirror a reality that exists across the globe, underlining the universality of the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis. These stories emphasize that the struggle against AMR is not confined to any single country but is a shared global challenge requiring collective action. This book also highlights India’s leadership in innovative solutions while encouraging readers to comprehend and contribute to tackling this urgent issue. It’s a tribute to the millions who lose their lives to AMR annually and the tireless scientists and leaders dedicated to combating this challenge. “No Option” is a testament to humanity in the global fight against AMR.

Principles of AMR and AMS:
For Undergraduate Students

This book covers all the fundamental aspects of AMR(Antimicrobial Resistance), AMS (Antimicrobial Stewardship) and IPC (Infection Prevention & Control).
This has been written in Q n A format so that students can grasp it quickly. It will form a foundation and familiarise students with day-to-day activities in this field.
The book has been prepared by practising Infectious Diseases (ID) physicians, clinical microbiologists and clinical ID pharmacists from all over India.
This book is a work of AMR Declaration Trust, an organisation founded on the principles of the Chennai Declaration-one of the landmark policy documents in the history of AMR.
The book fulfils one of the many objectives of the trust, which is to educate various stakeholders, such as the medical community and the public, on the importance of
rational antibiotic usage and other measures to tackle the challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).


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” Our secret Plans to Tame the Superbugs”
This is the recording of the webinar “ Our strategies for implementing a successful antimicrobial stewardship program in Indian hospitals” organised by AMR Declaration Trust on 18th Feb 2023.
Eminent healthcare administrators from Private and Government setups discuss the challenges they face in implementing AMS programs and the strategies to overcome these challenges.”
AMR Declaration Trust organised a webinar, ” NO OPTION”, on 28th Jan 2023. The webinar discusses the critical scenario of having “NIL or LIMITED Therapeutic Options” to treat drug-resistant superbug infections. Two dozen expert infection specialists in our country share their experience with us in very simple, non-technical language that the general public, medical fraternity and medical students can understand. As the public is the most important stakeholder in tackling the socio-economic challenge of superbugs( Antimicrobial Resistance crisis), we invited eminent science journalists and media personalities to provide us with their perspectives. The webinar recording is a must-watch!